AAT Charity Fun Walk in Conjunction with The 20th Anniversary Bulatan Bazarena, Perkarangan Stadium Shah Alam

The Fun Walk was held in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of Advanced Air Traffic Systems (M) Sdn Bhd, better known as “AAT”. The program aims for 200 participants to take part in the 3 km distance Fun Walk. However, over 400 participants joined the Fun Walk consisting of orphans from Rumah Kebajikan Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarat Selangor, Rumah Peyakin Kelang Selangor and Rumah Limpahan Kasih together with DCA and AAT staff lead by AATs Chairman Dato Zolkifli Abdul and General Manager Mr Saharuddin Tumiran.

Aside from celebrating AATs 20th anniversary, this Fun Walk activity has been organize to fulfil the Corporate Social Responsibility of AAT and showing our gratitude to Allah almighty for blessing the company operation over the years. In the meantime, this event hopes to enliven the orphans and children from poor families that were invited to participate. The event started with prayer recital, fun walk for 3 km and a variety of fun activities conducted by AAT engineers and UITM students to expose youngsters about importance of technology education and the aviation industry. The activity also received coverage from local media, TV 3, TV9 in slot Banana and Nasi Lemak Kopi – O. It is our sincere hope that the activity will benefit those joining the event.

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